Roller Derby

European Continental Cup: Thoughts and Photos 💎

It’s been a quiet year for roller derby photography for me, and for photography in general – but what a year it’s been! I’ve shot for the Roller Derby World Cup, and two inaugural European tournaments: EuroCup in April, hosted by my own league, Rainy City Roller Derby, and then this weekend just gone, the incredible European Continental Cup, hosted by the Birmingham Blitz Dames. With each tournament I shoot,

Euro Cup 2018

Another weekend full of roller derby! This time, it was Euro Cup, hosted again by Rainy City Roller Derby. I only shot five games this time, with not taking my camera for the first night, and spending half the tournament in the penalty box – however, I did get a selection of great photos. This weekend’s challenge was to brave using flash. I did take my speedlite along to the Roller

Roller Derby World Cup 2018

On February 1st 2018, the Roller Derby World Cup rolled into Manchester. Team Japan had chosen me as their official photographer, which meant I got centre track access to all the games (and priority on any games in which they played). It was an incredible four days, and a week later, I still feel like I haven’t fully recovered (even having managed to escape the dreaded lurgy from thousands of